Maeve O’Connor

Painter · printmaker · mixed media artist



“Linda Broda had lovingly created this space for artists”


Didsbury Drawing was for me a godsend. The then owner of the building at that time, Linda Broda had lovingly created this space for artists, garden lovers and as a space for her workshops. It was a space of calm in a natural garden environment during the life sessions. Everyone’s thoughts and attention was focused on the model, respecting the model’s professionalism and the considerable effort required to hold the pose. That was until, the tea-break when we relaxed, and chatted and caught up with each other’s ways of working.


There was a longstanding tradition at Didsbury Drawing of respecting artist’s choice not to share their work in progress if they chose. So I look forward to viewing some of the finished work, produced during these sessions.

For any inquiries, please contact artist directly.
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