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“It is very much a part of my visual vocabulary”

Being able to work on my drawing in the beautiful, restful space of the Village Hall, with it’s quiet light and surrounding gardens, gave a peaceful atmosphere conducive to creativity. I liked the support of other artists working around me, the dedicated stillness of the models, and the opportunity to work undirected by a tutor. Every group member took a turn week by week to choose the poses and props for the model.
I was in the group for a relatively short time as I moved down to London to help look after my grand-daughter who was born in 2010.
I studied painting at Art college in St Albans and Liverpool and done lots of life drawing both before and since being in the Didsbury group.
I find life drawing helps to still my mind and focus away from the distractions of the busy world. It is very much a part of my visual vocabulary. Understanding the structure of the human body and bing able to draw it informs my art work.
In my art practice I work figuratively, in the areas of portrait, landscape and still life, usually in water based paints.
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