Heather Dickinson

Children's Book Illustrator



“drawings are floating round in the ether and we capture them”

I started life drawing seriously when I was sixteen at school and I have continued ever since. I am sure the work I do as an illustrator has always been easier because of the years of observational drawing. In some ways I’ve always felt the things we are most familiar with, can be the most difficult to draw. It is harder to be objective and forget what you already know and draw what you see. The human form is what we see the most of. Searching for the truth was something I read somewhere about Rembrant and I’ve always kept it in mind. Tracy Emin who was professor of drawing at the Royal Academy said drawings are floating round in the ether and we capture them. I sometimes look at a drawing and think “Where did that come from?” I like experimenting with different materials, recently I did some on old sheets of music that I found.
Wherever I lived I went to find a life class. Finding Didsbury drawing was a godsend. It’s always good to meet like minds. Especially as my job as an illustrator means working alone. We’ve had some wonderful models which has lead to some inspiring work.
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