Frances Edwards

Environmental, Installation and Mixed Media Artist, including Ceramics, Chinese Ink Brush Paintings, Poetry, Video and Photography



“skin naked, the room fills with the sounds of charcoal and pencils”

To be part of Didsbury Drawing Art Group, a Life Drawing Art Group, for numerous years, which didn’t have a dominant art teacher or class style, was interesting, encouraging, and enjoyable for my creative spirit.
We took turns within the art group to suggest poses to the different models, and I usually took an assortment of music and sounds, to create mood and atmosphere.
Often whilst observing, and responding to the model by mark making with charcoal, pastel or inks, I would feel the need to write down words describing the naked model in front of me:
…skin naked
the room fills with the sounds
of charcoal and pencils
scribbling and scrapping
across sheets of white paper
nobody speaks
eyes travel across every area of the naked body
scrutinizing from all angles
flesh changes colours as the temperature cools
paper shuffles
fingers smudge out careless lines
a human shape emerges on the paper
Frances Edwards BA (Hons)
Interactive Arts Degree MMU
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