Dawn Rowland

Stone and Bronze Sculptor



“you had no time to think and had to rely on instinct”

I drew at Didsbury Drawing with Cecile, Margaret and others up until 2010. It was a very creative time and I enjoying being with like minded people and drawing together. Carving in stone is very solitary and isolating so I would look forward to working along side others and having a model and working two-dimensionally. I enjoyed the fast drawing at the beginning of each session, especially the one minute poses which would be wonderful as you had no time to think and had to rely on instinct. These quick drawings were always so fresh and lively. I also liked drawing from the male model so different to the softness and curves of the female form.
I also appreciated that each person worked in their own bubble. There was no critical assessment by one artist towards another but by being there and seeing how others worked added to the intellectual context.
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