Cecile Elstein

Sculptor . Printmaker . Environmental Art


“The practice of awareness through the action of drawing”

From my feet on the ground to the tips of my fingers, the pencil conducts movement, a sight/sound, a symphony.
Forever scribbling inadequately, impossibly as it awakes the senses of sight and touch, bringing together a greater sum than the parts. The marks on the paper are enhanced by coherence within a matrix. They marry the shimmer of light to appreciate the desire for a quality of existence and puts forward the values of living that have been here from the beginning of time.
The space exists as the action flows through the inner centre of awareness towards the mirage of reality. We can sometimes glimpse the miracle at the same moment that the charcoal touches the paper. The drama of seeing meets the drama of drawing. The trace of such action then exists materially and in many years time will hold that moment, still.
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